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Adam Showman to present special seminar 10/29

Prof. Adam Showman (U. of Arizona) will present a special talk on Thursday (10/29) in Bloomberg 272 at 3:30: “Weather on Remote Worlds: The Atmospheric Circulation of hot Jupiters.” Click here for the seminar abstract.

Graduate Student Outreach Organization Wins Prize

PAGS outreach received a piece of the original Hubble Space Telescope solar array for their participation in the ESA/Hubble “Ode to Hubble” competition. Their entry was a music video parody of the 80s song “Take on Me” titled “HST,” showing their appreciation for the Hubble Space Telescope. It featured many members of the Johns Hopkins Physics department and Space Telescope Science Institute.

Alexander Szalay Wins 2015 IEEE Computer Society Sidney Fernbach Award

Alex Szalay

Bloomberg Distinguished Professor Alex Szalay has been selected as the recipient of the 2015 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Computer Society Sidney Fernbach Award. Szalay was recognized “for his outstanding contributions to the development of data-intensive computing systems and on the application of such systems in many scientific areas including astrophysics, turbulence, and genomics.”

David Kaplan wins 2015 NAS Communication Award for “Particle Fever”

Professor and documentary producer David E. Kaplan received the 2015 Communication Award of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine for his film “Particle Fever.” The award, which is supported by the Keck Futures Initiative, includes a $20,000 prize and recognizes excellence in communicating science to the general public. Click here for more.

Keep Up to Date with CLASS

Check out the CLASS website for the newest updates about the Cosmology Large Angular Scale Surveyor, a telescope array under construction at Bloomberg Center aiming to detect and characterize gravitational waves from the first moments of the universe.

Fall 2015 Department Colloquia Series Takes Shape

The department’s Fall 2015 colloquia series welcomes Hal Weaver, Project Scientist on the New Horizons Pluto mission, NPR’s Jim Palca, Prof. Krzysztof Stanek of Ohio State University, and JHU’s own Prof. David Kaplan and Prof. Taekjip Ha. Click here for full schedule.