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Graduate courses use either letter grades or Pass/Fail as follows:

  • Required lecture courses: letter grades
  • Required seminars: Pass/Fail
  • Research courses: Pass/Fail
  • All other graduate courses: at the discretion of the instructor
Course # (Section) Title Day/Times Instructor Location Term Course Details
AS.171.603 (01)Electromagnetic TheoryTTh 12:00PM - 1:15PMZakamska, NadiaBloomberg 361Spring 2024
AS.171.606 (01)Quantum MechanicsF 12:00PM - 12:50PM, TTh 2:00PM - 3:15PMZhang, YahuiBloomberg 361Spring 2024
AS.171.612 (01)Interstellar Medium and Astrophysical Fluid DynamicsWF 10:30AM - 11:45AMMacGregor, Meredith AnnBloomberg 475Spring 2024
AS.171.618 (01)Observational AstronomyTTh 12:00PM - 1:15PMMénard, BriceBloomberg 511Spring 2024
AS.171.622 (01)Condensed Matter PhysicsMW 3:00PM - 4:15PMBeller, DanielBloomberg 361Spring 2024
AS.171.625 (01)Experimental Particle PhysicsMW 3:00PM - 4:15PMGritsan, AndreiBloomberg 447Spring 2024
AS.171.627 (01)Astrophysical DynamicsTTh 10:30AM - 11:45AMWyse, RosemaryBloomberg 176Spring 2024
AS.171.632 (01)Atomic and Optical Physics IMWF 12:00PM - 12:50PMOverstreet, ChrisBloomberg 464Spring 2024
AS.171.644 (01)Exoplanets and Planet FormationMWF 9:00AM - 9:50AMSchlaufman, Kevin CharlesBloomberg 511Spring 2024
AS.171.648 (01)Physics of Cell Biology: From Mechanics to InformationMW 10:00AM - 11:15AMZhang, YaojunBloomberg 259Spring 2024
AS.171.649 (01)Astrophysical PlasmasTTh 9:00AM - 10:15AMNorman, ColinBloomberg 361Spring 2024
AS.171.702 (01)Quantum Field Theory IIMW 10:30AM - 11:45AMKaplan, DavidBloomberg 464Spring 2024
AS.171.749 (01)Machine Learning for ScientistsTTh 2:00PM - 3:15PMMénard, BriceBloomberg 464Spring 2024
AS.171.750 (01)CosmologyMW 3:00PM - 4:15PMBennett, Chuck L; StaffBloomberg 259Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (02)Independent Research-GraduateSerra, Francesca Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (03)Independent Research-GraduateSwartz, Morris Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (04)Independent Research-GraduateChien, Chia Ling Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (05)Independent Research-GraduateKamionkowski, Marc Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (06)Independent Research-GraduateReich, Daniel H Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (07)Independent Research-GraduateMcCandliss, Stephan R Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (08)Independent Research-GraduateKrolik, Julian H Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (09)Independent Research-GraduateLi, Yi Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (10)Independent Research-GraduateNorman, Colin Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (11)Independent Research-GraduateZhang, Yaojun Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (12)Independent Research-GraduateHeckman, Tim Martin Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (13)Independent Research-GraduateSchlaufman, Kevin Charles Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (14)Independent Research-GraduateSzalay, Alex Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (15)Independent Research-GraduateBerti, Emanuele Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (16)Independent Research-GraduateDrichko, Natalia Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (17)Independent Research-GraduateWyse, Rosemary Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (18)Independent Research-GraduateVishniac, Ethan Tecumseh Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (19)Independent Research-GraduateNeufeld, David A Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (20)Independent Research-GraduateSpeller, Danielle Hope Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (21)Independent Research-GraduateBlair, Bill P Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (22)Independent Research-GraduateBah, Ibou Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (23)Independent Research-GraduateCamley, Brian Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (24)Independent Research-GraduateBroholm, Collin Leslie Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (25)Independent Research-GraduateBianchi, Luciana Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (26)Independent Research-GraduateZakamska, Nadia Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (27)Independent Research-GraduateKaplan, David Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (28)Independent Research-GraduateBeller, Daniel Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (29)Independent Research-GraduateLeheny, Robert L Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (30)Independent Research-GraduateZhang, Yahui Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (31)Independent Research-GraduateTchernyshyov, Oleg V Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (32)Independent Research-GraduateBennett, Chuck L Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (33)Independent Research-GraduateKaplan, Jared Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (34)Independent Research-GraduateGritsan, Andrei Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (35)Independent Research-GraduateArmitage, Peter Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (36)Independent Research-GraduateMaksimovic, Petar Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (37)Independent Research-GraduateRiess, Adam Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (38)Independent Research-GraduateMarriage, Tobias Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (39)Independent Research-GraduateMénard, Brice Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (40)Independent Research-GraduateMcQueen, Tyrel Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (41)Independent Research-GraduateSing, David Kent Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (42)Independent Research-GraduateFalk, Michael L Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (43)Independent Research-GraduateMacGregor, Meredith Ann Spring 2024
AS.171.802 (44)Independent Research-GraduateOverstreet, Chris Spring 2024
AS.171.805 (01)First Year Research - GraduatesKrolik, Julian H; Swartz, Morris Spring 2024
AS.171.807 (01)Second Year Research - GraduatesKrolik, Julian H; Swartz, Morris Spring 2024
AS.171.803 (01)Independent Research-GraduateSerra, Francesca Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (02)Independent Research-GraduateSwartz, Morris Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (03)Independent Research-GraduateZhang, Yaojun Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (04)Independent Research-GraduateKamionkowski, Marc Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (05)Independent Research-GraduateReich, Daniel H Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (06)Independent Research-GraduateMcCandliss, Stephan R Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (07)Independent Research-GraduateKrolik, Julian H Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (08)Independent Research-GraduateLi, Yi Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (09)Independent Research-GraduateNorman, Colin Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (10)Independent Research-GraduateZhang, Yahui Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (11)Independent Research-GraduateHeckman, Tim Martin Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (12)Independent Research-GraduateSchlaufman, Kevin Charles Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (13)Independent Research-GraduateSzalay, Alex Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (14)Independent Research-GraduateBerti, Emanuele Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (15)Independent Research-GraduateDrichko, Natalia Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (16)Independent Research-GraduateWyse, Rosemary Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (17)Independent Research-GraduateVishniac, Ethan Tecumseh Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (18)Independent Research-GraduateNeufeld, David A Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (19)Independent Research-GraduateSpeller, Danielle Hope Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (20)Independent Research-GraduateBlair, Bill P Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (21)Independent Research-GraduateBah, Ibou Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (22)Independent Research-GraduateCamley, Brian Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (23)Independent Research-GraduateBroholm, Collin Leslie Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (24)Independent Research-GraduateBianchi, Luciana Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (25)Independent Research-GraduateZakamska, Nadia Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (26)Independent Research-GraduateKaplan, David Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (27)Independent Research-GraduateBeller, Daniel Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (28)Independent Research-GraduateLeheny, Robert L Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (29)Independent Research-GraduateRajendran, Surjeet Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (30)Independent Research-GraduateTchernyshyov, Oleg V Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (31)Independent Research-GraduateBennett, Chuck L Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (32)Independent Research-GraduateKaplan, Jared Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (33)Independent Research-GraduateGritsan, Andrei Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (34)Independent Research-GraduateArmitage, Peter Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (35)Independent Research-GraduateMaksimovic, Petar Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (36)Independent Research-GraduateRiess, Adam Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (37)Independent Research-GraduateMarriage, Tobias Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (38)Independent Research-GraduateMénard, Brice Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (39)Independent Research-GraduateMcQueen, Tyrel Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (40)Independent Research-GraduateSing, David Kent Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (41)Independent Research-GraduateStaff Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (42)Independent Research-GraduateOverstreet, Chris Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (43)Independent Research-GraduateCarroll, Sean Michael Summer 2024
AS.171.803 (44)Independent Research-GraduateMacGregor, Meredith Ann Summer 2024
AS.171.605 (01)Quantum MechanicsTTh 10:30AM - 11:45AMBah, IbouBloomberg 168Fall 2024
AS.171.610 (01)Numerical Methods for PhysicistsTTh 9:00AM - 10:15AMZhang, YaojunBloomberg 276Fall 2024
AS.171.613 (01)Radiative AstrophysicsMW 1:30PM - 2:45PMBennett, Chuck LBloomberg 361Fall 2024
AS.171.621 (01)Condensed Matter PhysicsMW 3:00PM - 4:15PMZhang, YahuiBloomberg 276Fall 2024
AS.171.627 (01)Astrophysical DynamicsTTh 10:30AM - 11:45AMWyse, Rosemary Fall 2024
AS.171.646 (01)General RelativityTTh 9:00AM - 10:15AMBerti, EmanueleBloomberg 272Fall 2024
AS.171.701 (01)Quantum Field TheoryMW 10:30AM - 11:45AMKaplan, DavidBloomberg 464Fall 2024
AS.171.703 (01)Advanced Statistical MechanicsTTh 12:00PM - 1:15PMArmitage, PeterBloomberg 361Fall 2024
AS.171.762 (01)Advanced Condensed MatterMW 1:30PM - 2:45PMLi, YiBloomberg 475Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (01)Independent Research - GraduatesBerti, Emanuele Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (02)Independent Research - GraduatesSerra, Francesca Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (03)Independent Research - GraduatesSwartz, Morris Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (04)Independent Research - GraduatesChien, Chia Ling Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (05)Independent Research - GraduatesKamionkowski, Marc Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (06)Independent Research - GraduatesReich, Daniel H Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (07)Independent Research - GraduatesMcCandliss, Stephan R Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (08)Independent Research - GraduatesKrolik, Julian H Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (09)Independent Research - GraduatesLi, Yi Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (10)Independent Research - GraduatesNorman, Colin Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (11)Independent Research - GraduatesBlumenfeld, Barry J Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (12)Independent Research - GraduatesHeckman, Tim Martin Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (13)Independent Research - GraduatesSchlaufman, Kevin Charles Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (14)Independent Research - GraduatesSzalay, Alex Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (15)Independent Research - GraduatesCamley, Brian Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (16)Independent Research - GraduatesDrichko, Natalia Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (17)Independent Research - GraduatesWyse, Rosemary Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (18)Independent Research - GraduatesVishniac, Ethan Tecumseh Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (19)Independent Research - GraduatesNeufeld, David A Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (20)Independent Research - GraduatesBlair, Bill P Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (21)Independent Research - GraduatesLi, Yi Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (22)Independent Research - GraduatesBeller, Daniel Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (23)Independent Research - GraduatesSpeller, Danielle Hope Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (24)Independent Research - GraduatesBroholm, Collin Leslie Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (25)Independent Research - GraduatesBianchi, Luciana Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (26)Independent Research - GraduatesZakamska, Nadia Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (27)Independent Research - GraduatesKaplan, David Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (28)Independent Research - GraduatesSing, David Kent Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (29)Independent Research - GraduatesLeheny, Robert L Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (30)Independent Research - GraduatesBah, Ibou Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (31)Independent Research - GraduatesTchernyshyov, Oleg V Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (32)Independent Research - GraduatesBennett, Chuck L Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (33)Independent Research - GraduatesKaplan, Jared Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (34)Independent Research - GraduatesGritsan, Andrei Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (35)Independent Research - GraduatesArmitage, Peter Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (36)Independent Research - GraduatesMaksimovic, Petar Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (37)Independent Research - GraduatesRiess, Adam Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (38)Independent Research - GraduatesMarriage, Tobias Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (39)Independent Research - GraduatesMénard, Brice Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (40)Independent Research - GraduatesMcQueen, Tyrel Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (41)Independent Research - GraduatesZhang, Yaojun Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (42)Independent Research - GraduatesZhang, Yahui Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (43)Independent Research - GraduatesMacGregor, Meredith Ann Fall 2024
AS.171.801 (44)Independent Research - GraduatesCarroll, Sean Michael Fall 2024
AS.171.805 (01)First Year Research - GraduatesKrolik, Julian H; Swartz, Morris Fall 2024
AS.171.807 (01)Second Year Research - GraduatesKrolik, Julian H; Swartz, Morris Fall 2024
AS.172.633 (01)Language Of AstrophysicsM 12:00PM - 12:50PMVishniac, Ethan TecumsehBloomberg 464Fall 2024
AS.360.671 (01)Planets, Life and the UniverseMWF 11:00AM - 11:50AMDiRuggiero, Jocelyne; Norman, ColinKrieger 180Fall 2024