Department News

Brice Ménard Receives President’s Frontier Award

On Tuesday afternoon, Associate Professor Brice Ménard, received the $250,000 President’s Frontier Award to support his exploration of new ways to analyze astronomical data. He said it was unexpected to see university President Ronald J. Daniel Provost Sunil Kumar, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences Dean Beverly Wendland, and other colleagues walk into the classroom […]

Melissa Diamond Named 2019 Gardner Fellow

Melissa Diamond has been awarded the Gardner Fellowship in our department. Diamond is a third-year student working with David Kaplan. Her current research is focused on a project analyzing how polarized light from AGNs or other objects could be used to detect particles/fields with axion-like couplings to photons.

Society of Physics Students’ National Office Names JHU Outstanding Chapter

The National Council of the Society of Physics Students has awarded the Johns Hopkins University SPS Chapter a 2017-2018 Outstanding Chapter. Chapter designations are determined by carefully reviewing the information, photos and supporting material presented in the annual SPS Chapter Reports.

Vivian Poulin Leads Cosmology Theorists in Paper Concerning “Hubble Tension”

Postdoctoral fellow Vivian Poulin, along with graduate student Tanvi Karwal, Professsor Marc Kamionkowski, and Tristan Smith, of Swarthmore College, have published a paper that offers a resolution to one of cosmology’s biggest crises: “Hubble Tension.” The team of theorists point to a new exotic form of matter in the early universe as a possible solution […]