For campus maps, directions, and more, visit the Johns Hopkins University visitor information page.

Going northbound on San Martin Drive via Wyman Park Dr: Once you pass the West Gate for the University, our building is right around the corner on the right. Continue driving past the Bloomberg Center (Space Telescope Science Institute is on the left).

You will want to drive past the parking garage. The first right turn after the garage is a service access road leading to the Muller parking lot.

Going southbound on San Martin Drive via University Parkway: The third entrance on the left is an access road to the Muller Parking Lot (you will see the R.O.T.C. building on the left.)

Once you arrive:

You will not be parking in the parking lot itself. We have reserved parking spaces to the right of the gated entrance to the Muller parking lot and in front of the gray metal chain link fence. If you are looking at the fence as you drive up, the three most left parking spaces (to the right of the gated entrance) are for P&A visitors. You will want to park in one of the vacant spots there.

You will need to have a parking pass to place in your windshield. You will need to fill this out in ink.

Once parked, walk through the Muller parking lot toward the Bloomberg Center. Enter the Bloomberg Center using a door that is just off of the Muller parking lot.

Once there, go up one flight of stairs and exit to the left. Walk straight down the corridor and exit to the left. Continue walking and the large doors on the left is room 366, which is our main department office. Check in with the department secretary and she will help you.