Michael Finkenthal

Michael Finkenthal

Research Professor Emeritus

Contact Information

Research Interests: Experimental plasma physics

Education: PhD, Hebrew University

Michael Finkenthal’s main research interests over the past 30 years have been in the field of atomic processes in hot plasmas—both low-density fusion and high-density, laser and pulsed-power-produced plasmas as well as in the development of novel XUV diagnostics for these activities. His research was conducted at the Racah Institute of Physics in Jerusalem and at various fusion research facilities in Europe (CEA – France, ENEA – Italy), USA (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, MIT, GA, Madison – Wisconsin, Austin – Texas, etc.) and Japan (National Institute for Fusion Science, Toki-City, Institute for Laser Engineering, Osaka, as well as the Universities of Tokyo and Kyoto). For most of this period, a longstanding collaboration on laboratory, as well as astrophysical plasma studies was established with Prof. H. W. Moos, who initiated a successful program in plasma diagnostics at Johns Hopkins University: in its framework, many novel diagnostics for fusion devices have been developed and an extended work on testing collisional-radiative models and providing atomic data for fusion and astrophysical plasma physics has been performed in collaboration with scientists at NASA and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. His current activities involve research on the effect of fluctuation and turbulence on particle and heat transport in ST tokamaks, novel XUV, atomic modeling for magnetically confined fusion plasmas, diagnostics developments for present and future – burning – fusion plasmas (such as ITER), as well as X-ray astrophysics. 

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