Ibrahima Bah


Assistant Professor

Bloomberg 463

I completed my PhD at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 2012. After that, I went on to a joint postdoctoral position at the University of Southern California and The Institut de Physique Théorique at Saclay in France. In 2015, I joined the University of California, San Diego particle theory group as a UC President's postdoctoral fellow. In January 2017, I will be Joining Johns Hopkins Particle theory group as an assistant professor in physics.

My general research interest is in theoretical high-energy physics and cosmology. In my research I explore the relations between quantum field theories, string theory and gravity via the framework of holography. I am also interested in fundamental aspect of black holes and their role in nature. My research work is part of a larger research program in high-energy physics whose main goal is to understand a quantum theory of gravity.