Christopher Overstreet

Christopher Overstreet

Assistant Professor

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Research Interests: Atomic, molecular, and optical physics

Education: PhD, Stanford University

Chris Overstreet joined Johns Hopkins University in 2023.  Prior to this, he was a Bloch Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University from 2021 to 2023.  He received his Ph.D. in Physics from Stanford University in 2020 and his A.B. in Physics and Mathematics from Harvard University in 2013.     

His research interests are centered on using atomic, molecular, and optical systems to gain insight into fundamental physics.  Ultracold atoms and molecules are excellent “test particles” because all of their degrees of freedom can be optically controlled and precisely measured.  Experiments utilizing AMO techniques can shed light on some of the most challenging problems in fundamental physics, including baryon asymmetry, the nature of dark matter, and the relationship between gravity and quantum mechanics.