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Spring 2018 Graduate Schedule

Course #Course TitleInstructorDayTime
171.606Quantum Mechanics IIProf. I. BahTTh10:30-11:45
173.608Advanced Physics LabProf. Marriage
171.61*Numerical MethodsProf. SchlaufmanTTh9-10:15
171.611Stellar StructureProf. VishniacMF10:30 - 11:45AM
171.619Molecular AstronomyProf. NeufeldWF1:30PM-2:45PM
171.622Condensed Matter PhysicsProf. BroholmMW3-4:15
172.632Physics SeminarStaffT12-12:50
171.625Exper Particle PhysicsProf. GritsanMW3-4:15
171.627Astrophysical DynamicsProf. ZakamskaTTH10:30-11:45
171.648Physics of Cell BiologyProf. CamleyMW1 - 2:15PM
172.699Planets, Life, and the UniverseProf. NormanF1:30-2:45
171.702Quantum Field Theory IIProf. KamionkowskiMW10:30-11:45
171.703Advanced Statistical MechanicsProf. LehenyTTh12 - 1:15
171.732Elementary Particle PhysicsProf. SwartzMF1 - 2:15
172.732CAS Research SeminarProf. McCandlissT4-5:00
171.750CosmologyProf. NormanTTh9 - 10:15am
172.752Elementary Particle Physics SeminarProf. MaksimovicW1:30-2:50
172.754Advanced Particle Theory SeminarW1:30-2:50
172.764Condensed MatterProf. ArmitageW12:00 - 1:30


There are four semesters of required classes for the physics PhD and for the astronomy and astrophysics PhD that must be passed with a grade of B- or better. Students are strongly encouraged to complete these requirements in their first year, although they may be deferred until the second year under certain circumstances. Some of the required classes may be waived, at the discretion of the first-year adviser, if the student has successfully completed a comparable class elsewhere. The required classes are as follows:

PhD in Physics

  • 171.603 Electromagnetism
  • 171.605 Quantum Mechanics
  • 171.606 Quantum Mechanics
  • 171.703 Advanced Statistical Mechanics

PhD in Astronomy and Astrophysics

  • 171.611 Stellar structure and evolution
  • 171.612 Interstellar medium and astrophysical fluid dynamics
  • 171.613 Radiative astrophysics
  • 171.627 Astrophysical dynamics

In addition to the courses above, physics students must take one semester of graduate seminar (172.631). In the seminars, students practice giving presentations and discuss current literature. Astrophysics students take 172.633 Language of Astrophysics.

The department offers a complete range of advanced classes in physics and astrophysics, and students are strongly encouraged to take more classes beyond these required four semesters. The specific course of study should be tailored, under consultation with the first-year adviser and/or with prospective research advisers, to the needs of each student and to their research goals.