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Oleg Tchernyshyov is a condensed matter theorist interested in strongly correlated electron systems, such as high-temperature superconductors and frustrated magnets. He is interested in all kinds of magnetic materials, from the familiar iron ferromagnets to spin ice to quantum and classical spin liquids. Although the science of magnetism is as old as classical mechanics, it remains one of the fastest growing sectors of physical science.

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H Ochoa, SK Kim, O Tchernyshyov, Y Tserkovnyak
Gyrotropic elastic response of skyrmion crystals to current-induced tensions
Physical Review B 96 (2), 020410, 2017

S Dasgupta, SK Kim, O Tchernyshyov
Gauge fields and related forces in antiferromagnetic soliton physics
Physical Review B 95 (22), 220407, 2017

NJ Laurita, Y Luo, R Hu, M Wu, SW Cheong, O Tchernyshyov, ...
Anomalous exchange interactions between RE $^{+ 3} $ and Mn $^{+ 3} $ moments in multiferroic h-REMnO $ _3$
arXiv preprint arXiv:1706.04141, 2017

A Ghosh, KS Huang, O Tchernyshyov
Annihilation of domain walls in a ferromagnetic wire
Physical Review B 95 (18), 180408, 2017

H Wang, HJ Changlani, Y Wan, O Tchernyshyov
Quantum spin liquid with seven elementary particles
Physical Review B 95 (14), 144425, 2017

F Hellman, A Hoffmann, Y Tserkovnyak, GSD Beach, EE Fullerton, ...
Interface-induced phenomena in magnetism
Reviews of modern physics 89 (2), 2017

A Scheie, J Kindervater, S Säubert, C Duvinage, C Pfleiderer, ...
Lobed Phase Diagram of $\rm {Yb_2Ti_2O_7} $ in $\langle 111\rangle $ Magnetic Field
arXiv preprint arXiv:1703.06904, 2017

KD Belashchenko, O Tchernyshyov, AA Kovalev, OA Tretiakov
Magnetoelectric domain wall dynamics and its implications for magnetoelectric memory
Applied Physics Letters 108 (13), 132403, 2016

O Tchernyshyov
Conserved momenta of a ferromagnetic soliton
Annals of Physics 363, 98-113, 2015

SK Kim, O Tchernyshyov, Y Tserkovnyak
Thermophoresis of an antiferromagnetic soliton
Physical Review B 92 (2), 020402, 2015

M Asmat-Uceda, X Cheng, X Wang, DJ Clarke, O Tchernyshyov, ...
A comparison of numerical simulations and analytical theory of the dynamics of interacting magnetic vortices
Journal of Applied Physics 117 (12), 123916, 2015

SK Kim, Y Tserkovnyak, O Tchernyshyov
Erratum: Propulsion of a domain wall in an antiferromagnet by magnons [Phys. Rev. B 90, 104406 (2014)]
Physical Review B 91 (9), 099904, 2015

P Mellado, O Petrova, O Tchernyshyov
Projective symmetry of partons in the Kitaev honeycomb model
Physical Review B 91 (4), 041103, 2015

O Petrova, P Mellado, O Tchernyshyov
Unpaired Majorana modes on dislocations and string defects in Kitaev's honeycomb model
Physical Review B 90 (13), 134404, 2014

LD Pan, SK Kim, A Ghosh, CM Morris, KA Ross, E Kermarrec, BD Gaulin, ...
Low-energy electrodynamics of novel spin excitations in the quantum spin ice Yb2Ti2O7
Nature communications 5, 4970, 2014

I Rousochatzakis, Y Wan, F Mila, O Tchernyshyov
Quantum dimer model for the spin-1/2 kagome Z2 spin liquid
Physical Review B 90 (10), 100406, 2014

SK Kim, Y Tserkovnyak, O Tchernyshyov
Propulsion of a domain wall in an antiferromagnet by magnons
Physical Review B 90 (10), 104406, 2014

CM Morris, RV Aguilar, A Ghosh, SM Koohpayeh, J Krizan, RJ Cava, ...
Hierarchy of Bound States in the One-Dimensional Ferromagnetic Ising Chain CoNb$_2$O$_6$ Investigated by High-Resolution Time-Domain Terahertz Spectroscopy
Physical Review Letters 112 (13), 137403, 2014

SK Kim, O Tchernyshyov
Pinning of a Bloch point by an atomic lattice
Physical Review B 88 (17), 174402, 2013

O Petrova, P Mellado, O Tchernyshyov
Unpaired Majorana modes in the gapped phase of Kitaev's honeycomb model
Physical Review B 88 (14), 140405, 2013