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Nadia Zakamska

Nadia Zakamska

Assistant Professor

Bloomberg 507
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  • Nadia Zakamska came to Johns Hopkins from the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology at SLAC/Stanford University, where she was a research associate. Before that, she was a five-year member at the Institute for Advanced Study.

    Most of Zakamska’s research interests are in observational extragalactic astronomy, on topics that can be broadly summarized as evolution of massive galaxies and their supermassive black holes. Specifically, she studies Active Galactic Nuclei at all wavelengths and all redshifts. She is involved in a range of projects to study extreme starburst galaxies and physics of interstellar medium in them (these galaxies form stars at a rate hundreds of times higher than the Milky Way, and they are uncommon now, but were much more abundant in the past). Zakamska is also interested in multi-wavelength surveys and data mining (e.g., Sloan Digital Sky Survey) and in teasing out very rare objects from large datasets. In addition, she maintains active interest in theoretical astrophysics, including (but not limited to) outflows from compact objects—black holes and neutron stars and dynamics of planetary and stellar systems.