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Bloomberg Art from Science Innovation Contest

In an effort to soften the vast expanses of concrete in Bloomberg we wish to hold a contest. We invite submissions of visually striking art works derived either from course work or research relevant to the main branches of study within the department: Particle Physics, Condensed Matter/Plasma Physics, and Astronomy.

Stephan McCandliss and Team Awarded Astrophysics Research Analysis Grant from NASA for FORTIS Sounding Rocket Experiment

NASA has awarded Physics and Astronomy Research Professor Stephan McCandliss, and his Co-Investigators at Goddard Space Flight Center lead by S. Harvey Moseley, a 5-year, $4.4M Astrophysics Research Analysis (APRA) grant to develop the next generation of a sounding rocket borne experiment called the Far-UV Off Rowland-circle Telescope for Imaging and Spectroscopy (FORTIS).

Freshman Seminar Students Host Astronomy Outreach Fair

Students from the astronomy freshman seminar “The Unsolved Mysteries of the Cosmos” hosted their Astronomy Outreach Fair this week for nearly 100 guests. The students, for their final project, were tasked to develop an original, engaging outreach activity related to some aspect of astronomy discussed in the course.