Nadia Zakamska Receives Krieger School’s Excellence in Teaching Award

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Associate Professor Nadia Zakamska has received the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences 2020-21 Excellence in Teaching Award. The award was based on nominations from students, alumni, faculty, and staff who highlighted Dr. Zakamska’s continued ability to engage and inspire students, build community, and foster relationships outside of the classroom. Below are two quotes from the many students who nominated Dr. Zakamska for the award.

“I’ve only known Dr. Zakamska through Zoom. About a year ago, she took me on to her undergraduate research team to look into young stars, and in that one, remote year, she has made more of an impact on me than any teacher I’ve ever had. She helps her students grow by providing the perfect balance of appreciation, constructive criticism, encouragement, and excitement.”

“Dr. Zakamska has been a light in the darkness for the entire year I’ve known her. She has unwavering positivity, unparalleled patience, and a contagious love for her field. From the way she calls a complex special relativity problem ‘cute’ to the beaming smile she gives when someone shares a physics result, she never fails to draw my admiration.”