Graduate and Undergraduate Students Receive Annual Department Awards

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Graduate Student Awards

Gardner Fellowship:  Melissa Diamond

The Gardner Fellowship was founded by William Gardner (Ph.D., ’68), who received his Ph.D. in physics under Prof. Warren Moos and had a successful career in fiber optics and telecommunications at Bell Laboratories. Gardner now generously provides support for one of the department’s highest priorities-enabling graduate students to dive into research from the start.

EJ Rhee Teaching Award: Liza Sazonova

The EJ Rhee Teaching Award was established in January 2007 in memory of EJ Rhee, to honor experienced Teaching Assistants who have exhibited considerable imagination and flair in their teaching while mainlining a high level of motivation and enthusiasm over a period of time.

EJ Rhee Travel Award: Yihao Chen & Kirsten Hall

Yihao will be attending a summer school on Soft Solids and Complex Fluids at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in June

Kirsten will be attending a conference “Supermassive Black Holes: Environment and Evolution” in Corfu, Greece this June.

Rowland Teaching Award for Outstanding Teaching and Innovation: Melissa Diamond

The Rowland Teaching Award for Outstanding Teaching and Innovation was established to honor Teaching Assistants who have exhibited talented teaching skills and notable interaction with students, in the instruction of undergraduate courses.

Undergraduate Awards

The Donald E. Kerr Award:  Ross Dempsey and Wenzer Qin

The Donald E. Kerr Memorial Award was established (January, 1979) for the purpose of acknowledging an outstanding undergraduate student(s) majoring in Physics.