Strong JHU Showing at the 231st Meeting of the American Astronomical Society

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Current and former JHU/CAS graduate students and researchers met last week (8 – 12 January 2018) to exchange the results of their research.

Seen from right to left are: Bill Blair, Zhilei Xu, Keith Redwine, Joseph Cleary, Raymond Simons, Duncan Watts, David Jones, Schuyler Wolff, Patrick Breysse, Kathleen Harrington, Rachael Alexandroff, Mathew Morris, Stephan McCandliss and Gail Zasowski.

Their research includes such diverse topics as:

  • planning for the James Webb Space Telescope,
  • preparations and use of the Cosmology Large Angular Scale Surveyor,
  • Lyman Alpha Escape in Low Redshift Star-forming Galaxies,
  • Disk Assembly in Intermediate Redshift Star-forming Galaxies,
  • Inflation and Reionization,
  • Supernovae Cosmology,
  • Gemini Planet Imager Observations,
  • Intensity Mapping,
  • Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization,
  • Molecular Gas (not) Observed in Obscured Red Quasars,
  • the Absolute Color Calibration Experiment for Standard Stars,
  • extending Far-UV Spectroscopy in the present and future,
  • and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment.