JHU/UMD Team Selected to Lead Early James Webb Space Telescope Observations

James Webb Space Telescope, the next-generation observatory scheduled to launch in 2019, announced selection of 13 teams to lead Early Release Science programs. Among them is a team led by a recent JHU postdoctoral researcher Dominika Wylezalek (Akbari-Mack Fellow, JHU Provost Fellow), Prof. Nadia Zakamska (JHU) and Prof. Sylvain Veilleux (UMD, College Park). The JHU/UMD team plans to study galactic winds launched by supermassive black holes. The Early Release Science programs will be executed in the first few months of the operations of the telescope to test the capabilities of the instruments and provide the community with cutting-edge datasets to analyze and use in planning further observations. The Early Release Science teams will lead development of analysis tools to optimize the use of the data from the telescope and provide these tools to the astronomical community.