Marc Kamionkowski to give the Hans Jensen Lecture at University of Heidelberg

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Prof. Marc Kamionkowski has been invited to give the Hans Jensen Lecture at the University of Heidelberg as part of the doctoral program’s biannual “Heidelberg Physics Graduate Days.” The lecture is named for Hans Jensen, who shared the 1963 Nobel Prize for the nuclear shell model, and is intended to honor speakers who have made fundamental contributions to a research area in modern physics. Previous lecturers have included Jim Peebles, Paul Steinhardt, Douglas Osheroff, Frank Wilczek, Peter Grünberg, Rolf Heuer, Gerard ’t Hooft, Alain Aspect, and Stefan Hell. Prof. Kamionkowski’s talk will be held 12 October 2017 and will be titled, “Gravitational Waves, Black Holes, Dark Matter, and the Early Universe.”