Josef Pradler Receives the 2015 ASCINA Award

Josef Pradler, a postdoctoral scholar at Johns Hopkins from 2012 to 2014, has been awarded the 2015 ASCINA Award for work completed at Johns Hopkins. The award is offered by ASCINA (Austrian Scientists in North America) for work by a young Austrian scientist while working in North America. The award recognizes Pradler’s paper, “Dark Energy from the String Axiverse,” published in Physical Review Letters. The paper explains the dark energy required to drive the accelerated cosmic expansion (whose 1998 discovery was recognized by the 2011 Nobel Prize awarded to Adam Riess) in terms of a new fundamental force that appears as a cosmic relic of string theory. The paper was co-authored with Hopkins professor Marc Kamionkowski and with Devin Walker, a postdoc at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. Pradler is now on the faculty at the Austrian Institute for High Energy Physics. More information on the prize is available here: