Johns Hopkins Grad Student Receives 2013 LeRoy Apker Award

First year Johns Hopkins graduate student Guy Marcus has been selected by the American Physical Society to receive the 2013 Leroy Apker Award for his undergraduate research at Wesleyan University, where he worked with Professor Greg Voth to develop a method for 3D printing small anisotropic particles and developed new image processing algorithms to extract the particles’ time resolved solid body rotation from experimental video data.

The Apker Award is given annually; one recipient is chosen from among all PhD granting institutions for their “demonstrated great potential for future scientific accomplishment”. A second recipient is also chosen from among institutions that do not grant the PhD. The award will be presented at the American Physical Society Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting this November, where Guy will give an invited talk on his research. The award is accompanied by a $5000 prize to the recipient and a matching $5000 prize to the recipient’s undergraduate institution.