Yacine Ali-Haïmoud

Postdoctoral Fellow

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Yacine Ali-Haïmoud is a postdoctoral fellow working in theoretical astrophysics and cosmology. He graduated from the École Polytechnique in 2007 and received a PhD from Caltech in 2011. Before joining JHU he was a postdoctoral member at the Institute for Advanced Study.

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Y Ali-Haïmoud, M Kamionkowski
Cosmic microwave background limits on accreting primordial black holes
Physical Review D 95 (4), 043534, 2017

I Cholis, Y Ali-Haimoud, S Bird, M Kamionkowski, E Kovetz, V Mandic, ...
Searching for Signals of Merging Primordial Black Hole Binaries
APS April Meeting Abstracts, 2017

I Cholis, ED Kovetz, Y Ali-Haïmoud, S Bird, M Kamionkowski, JB Muñoz, ...
Orbital eccentricities in primordial black hole binaries
Physical Review D 94 (8), 084013, 2016

PD Meerburg, J Meyers, A van Engelen, Y Ali-Haïmoud
CMB B-mode non-Gaussianity
Physical Review D 93 (12), 123511, 2016

S Bird, I Cholis, JB Muñoz, Y Ali-Haïmoud, M Kamionkowski, ED Kovetz, ...
Did LIGO detect dark matter?
Physical review letters 116 (20), 201301, 2016

Y Ali-Haïmoud, ED Kovetz, J Silk
Flaring of tidally compressed dark-matter clumps
Physical Review D 93 (4), 043508, 2016

J Chluba, Y Ali-Haïmoud
COSMOSPEC: fast and detailed computation of the cosmological recombination radiation from hydrogen and helium
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 456 (4), 3494-3508, 2016

JB Muñoz, ED Kovetz, Y Ali-Haïmoud
Heating of baryons due to scattering with dark matter during the dark ages
Physical Review D 92 (8), 083528, 2015

JB Muñoz, Y Ali-Haïmoud, M Kamionkowski
Primordial non-gaussianity from the bispectrum of 21-cm fluctuations in the dark ages
Physical Review D 92 (8), 083508, 2015

Y Ali-Haïmoud, J Chluba, M Kamionkowski
Constraints on dark matter interactions with Standard Model particles from cosmic microwave background spectral distortions
Physical review letters 115 (7), 071304, 2015

Y Ali-Haïmoud
Perturbative interaction approach to cosmological structure formation
Physical Review D 91 (10), 103507, 2015

M Astorino
Stationary axisymmetric spacetimes with a conformally coupled scalar field
Physical Review D 91 (6), 064066, 2015

C Dickinson, Y Ali-Haimoud, RJ Beswick, S Casassus, K Cleary, ...
Studies of Anomalous Microwave Emission (AME) with the SKA
arXiv preprint arXiv:1412.5054, 2014

Y Ali-Haïmoud, LM Pérez, RJ Maddalena, DA Roshi
Search for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the Perseus molecular cloud with the Green Bank Telescope
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 447 (1), 315-324, 2014

Y Ali-Haımoud, LM Pérez, RJ Maddalena, DA Roshi
Search for PAHs in the Perseus molecular cloud with the Green Bank Telescope

Y Ali-Haïmoud, PD Meerburg, S Yuan
New light on 21 cm intensity fluctuations from the dark ages
Physical Review D 89 (8), 083506, 2014

G Aad, T Abajyan, B Abbott, J Abdallah, SA Khalek, O Abdinov, R Aben, ...
Search for a multi-Higgs-boson cascade in W+ W− b b¯ events with the ATLAS detector in p p collisions at s= 8 TeV
Physical Review D 89 (3), 032002, 2014

Y Ali-Haïmoud
Rotational spectroscopy of interstellar PAHs
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 437 (3), 2728-2743, 2013

Y Ali-Haïmoud
Effective conductance method for the primordial recombination spectrum
Physical Review D 87 (2), 023526, 2013

Y Ali-Haïmoud
Spinning dust radiation: a review of the theory
Advances in Astronomy 2013, 2013